Persian/Farsi Natural Language Processing
Big Data Analysis

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Custom Software Development

Java, Python, Android, iOS, Angularjs, Solr, MongoDB, MySQL, Hadoop ...


NLP and Big Data Analysis

We developed many of the fundamental tools of NLP around Persian/Farsi language. Besides, we are working to enhance our NLP tools with new machine learning algorithm and technologies. On the other hand, we are using big data tools to analyze data with distributed servers based on Hadoop, Spark and MongoDB.

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Custom Public Software Development

We have developed more than 10 public software in past two years using cutting-edge technologies, using Java, Python, Android, iOS Swift, Angularjs. we have delivered complicated software including CRM, IPTV, Social Network, and Native Ad Platform for reputed clients such as JTI corporation and Behseema.

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Serving Files and Multimedias

We have developed a robust and high performing object storage to save, retrieve and serve files (specially multimedia files with different formats such as Mpeg DASH and HLS). Now our object storage is using to serve files to Ponila Social Network and Behseema IPTV.

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